Top 5 Tips for Small Space Design

Dated: October 28 2019

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Small Space Design Tips

Living in a Kelowna condo means living in a much smaller space than most single-family homes. When you live in a smaller space fitting in everything you need while keeping it beautiful can be a challenge. But that’s also what makes small space design so much fun!

kelowna condo small space design

Here are 5 top tips for decorating your Kelowna condo from top interior designer Joanne Dolan.


1.       Double Duty Furniture

When space is at a premium, choosing furniture that can play multiple roles is key to making each piece worth every inch it takes up. An ottoman as a coffee table; a dining table that is also a desk; a rolling island that can also be a bar…these are just a few ways one item can do double duty for you.

2.       See the Floor

It’s a bit of a trick to the eye but, the more of the floor we can see, the bigger we think the space is. Choose furniture that is “leggy” or is elevated up off of the floor by at least 4 inches in order to keep as much of the floor visible as you can.

3.       Everything in its Place

Storage is king in any small space as it will help you hide away all of the clutter that life brings.  Use bins, boxes and baskets to contain all of your smaller items and make shelves look neat and tidy. A beautiful box on the coffee table looks much nicer than a pile of remotes!

4.       Don’t be Afraid to go Big

This is especially important for art and rugs! For art, don’t be afraid to put an oversized piece in a room. It can make a big statement by bringing lots of personality into the space and tricks the eye into thinking the room must be large if it can accommodate such a piece. For rugs, bigger is ALWAYS better! A small rug makes any room look small. Our eyes are drawn to the edges of the rug so pushing those edges out as far as you can will make the room look much bigger.

5.       Reflect a Little

Strategic use of mirrors and other reflective surfaces helps to bounce light throughout the home and gives the illusion of continuing space. Be careful though as a little goes a long way. Too many reflective or shiny surfaces in one room can be overwhelming. Sometimes choosing a piece of art on canvas versus one framed behind glass is the better way to go if you already have glass-topped furniture and a mirror in the room.   

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