Tips for Downsizing to a Kelowna Condo

Dated: November 20 2019

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Once you’ve decided to downsize into a condo in the city, it’s time to start preparing! We know moving houses is a lot of work, so we wanted to write a blog post to share some helpful tips for downsizing to a condo in Kelowna!

  1. Take a close look at all of your belongings

Your home is full of a lifetime of memories. Having a family home means filling the space with belongings. Since you’ve decided to move into a condo in Kelowna, you will have to take stock at your belongings. More than likely, not everything will fit into a condo.

If you’re a collector, have a qualified appraiser come to your home to look at your antiques, books and artwork. If you’re interested in downsizing, your belongings may be worth a pretty penny.

Once you’ve gone through that step, consider everything else that you’d like to keep. Pass things down to family. Then, donate and sell the things you don’t want to move.

  1. Take your time

Downsizing into a condo is a big process. It’s okay to take your time and move through the process slowly and at your own pace. Consider your must-haves and wants within a condo. Find a real estate agent who wants to work with you to find your perfect place. And, one who is committed to finding a condo that includes all of your must-haves and wants.

You will most likely only downsize once in Kelowna, there’s no need to rush the process. Instead, enjoy it!

  1. Switch it up

Have you always wondered what city life would be like? Is your family home on a large property of land outside of Kelowna city limits? When you’re in the downsizing process, why not switch it up. Take that deep desire for the condo lifestyle you’ve always had and make it happen! Is there a neighbourhood you’ve been dying to explore and call your own? Look at condos there! Anything is an option once you put your family home on the market.

  1. Ask for help

It’s okay to ask for help! We actually highly suggest it. Invite your family and friends over to your home and spend the day going through your belongings. It will create a sense of nostalgia for you and family and friends will love to hear the stories!

Be sure to have empty boxes ready. Once your friends and family are over, they will most likely offer to help pack. Take them up on it! We repeat… take them up on it!

And when people ask if you need help moving into the condo, say yes. They’re asking for a reason. We’ve seen so much stress occur during the moving process. It doesn’t need to be stressful. It should be an enjoyable experience and that happens when help is involved.

  1. Get out your measuring tape

Most condos have storage lockers for residents of the building. Ask what the size of the locker is and consider how you’re going to organize it. Instead of throwing all your extra belongings and boxes in the locker, create a plan for it. This may allow you to keep more special items or donate even more things to people in need!

And, when you have your measuring tape out, measure your big furniture items to ensure they will fit in your condo! You don’t want to be fully moved in to only realize you don’t have the space.

  1. Consider the amenities

Amenities play a huge role when deciding on the condo building you want to live in. When you consider what amenities are included, this may allow you to rid yourself of more belongings. For example, if there’s a gym in the building, getting rid of your personal treadmill makes more sense!

Need More Tips?

We’ve helped a lot of people downsize into a condo in Kelowna. We’ve seen the process go over smoothly and when it does, a lot of the purchasers have considered all of these tips. If you’re looking for some more help or are interested in downsizing and finding your perfect condo, reach out. We’d love to sit and chat about your condo dreams and making them a reality for you.

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