Not Your Average Spring Cleaning Tips!

Dated: April 9 2021

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It's that time of year! The robins have arrived in our backyards, everything is starting to bloom and the sun is shining brightly, revealing all those little dust bunnies that made your home theirs during winter months. Time to Spring clean and refresh your space! 
At first it can seem like a daunting task. Where do you even start? If you're feeling overwhelmed or slightly lacking motivation, start small. Even smaller jobs can have a big impact on your space and mood! An often ignored space is the linen closet. Get rid of the raggedy, old faded towels and worn out, faded bedding and sheets. Bonus - now you have upcycled rags for later! Refold a few things if you have to and sort by type. Having neat piles in my linen closet always secretly makes me feel like an organizational queen! 
One of my favorite tasks is freshening up my plants. Carefully removing all browning areas and washing the dust off the leaves. Clearing out the pot and topping up the soil if necessary. Give them a little boost of fertilizer to optimize their Spring growth. Head to your local nursery or plant guru, I love locally owned mobile plant shop Okanagan Urban Jungle, and pick up a few new plant babies! Healthy and happy plants will always brighten your space!
A hidden little disaster that everyone likes to pretend doesn't exist is the infamous junk drawer. Here's your sign to bite the bullet and clean out that treasure trove of dead batteries, receipts you don't even need and random odds and ends that belong to....who even knows anymore. Purchasing little trays from the dollar store is a great way to organize your junk drawer. Keep pens and the odds and ends that made the cut in order in separate trays. Now you can actually find the scissors or tape when you need them! 
The sun is gorgeous and I'm so grateful for it's warmth! But those sunbeams sure expose how dirty the windows are. Yikes! Wait for an overcast day to clean them - direct sun can cause streaks. Using newspaper instead of paper towels gets those harder to scrub marks off the glass. When you're done hang a little sun catcher in the window to add some sparkle or rainbow vibes to the room! 
Usually it feels so good to finish a few smaller jobs that I gain the motivation to tackle the larger ones. A major job for me is always cleaning out my closet. I swear I still have items of clothing in there that I've had since I was 16 years old! I'm a classic "but there might be that ONE occasion I'll wear that top" type person. Knowing full well there's like 4 other tops I'd choose for that occasion before that one anyways. Bye to that shirt! 
Do these pants fit? Nope? Toss em! 
If your items are good quality you can try selling on Marketplace or do a clothing swap with girlfriends. And you can always donate decent items to a thrift store. Organizing my closet always makes me more excited to choose my outfits each day because only my favorite clothing is left for me to pick from instead of sorting through a bunch of "mehs" and clothing that doesn't make you feel your best.  
Whichever task you decide to conquer first the most important part is starting. Once you get the ball rolling you'll be quickly crossing to dos off your list and your home and space will have a whole new refreshed, happy energy and you will too! 
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